Tarheel Junior Golf Tour

Rules and Procedures

Entry Deadlines:
Every tournament has a deadline, which can be found on each tournament site. The deadline is established in order to confirm our reservations with the golf course, order awards, and set up tee times for the event. Receipt of an entry form does not guarantee acceptance into the event. Acceptance into a TJGT tournament is on a first come, first served basis. Once a tournament field is full, you will be put on a waiting list for that tournament. We will process your payment if you are put on a waiting list. You will be contacted immediately if a spot becomes available, and we do contact people on the waiting list up until the day before the tournament. Entries received after the stated deadlines are subject to a $25 late entry fee. The deadline for most tournaments is 14 days prior to the event. 

Refund Policy:  All funds are credited to your account. 

All funds less a $25 processing fee will be credited to your account..  The withdraw breakdown is below.

If you withdraw >30 days of the event you will receive 100% tour credit to a future event minus processing fee.

If you withdraw between 29-14 days you receive  75% tour credit to a future event minus processing fee. 

If you withdraw inside of 14 days we do not provide a credit.  

Golf courses require us to sign a contract and we must produce an accurate count of players way before the tournament begins. If we show up with less players, we may be obligated to pay for the number of players we sent them days in advance. Each event is different and we will work with you as best we can to accommodate your needs. We will not refund for any weather related shortened tournaments.  Please contact us regarding any withdrawals. 

Waitlist Procedure:   We will do everything we can to accommodate a player who would like to participate in an event.  However, with demand high, course restrictions, and pace of play concerns we will have limited fields for some events.  When this occurs, a waitlist will be added.  If you choose to be on the waitlist, your credit card will be charged the amount of the event.  If your player gets in, no further action is required. If your player does not get in, a full 100% refund to your card will occur. 


A player meets our age requirement so long as he/she is of nineteen years of age or younger and has not entered college as a full-time student.  Once a player enters college they are no longer eligible to play junior tournaments.

All players are assigned a division by their high school graduation year (i.e.2023, 2024, etc). Our tour season starts Jan 1st and concludes in December.   Whatever age group your son/daughter falls into on Jan 1st, will be the division in which they are eligible to play.  We will allow players to move up if requested.  

Invitational Events:
Invitational events have restricted fields. When a player receives an invitation to play in these events, they must respond within a specified time period. If a player fails to respond within the specified time, his/her invitation is withdrawn by the committee and will be extended to another player.

Ranked Events:
All of our fields are ranked by Junior Golf Scoreboard, etc.  Tournaments that meet the criteria of the AJGA and SCJGA will be recognized by these organizations and you will be notified prior to the event teeing off. 

Practice Rounds:
Practice rounds are not supplied by the TJGT for any tournaments. You must call the golf course and secure your own tee times/ practice rounds. 

Tee Times and Starting Times:
Tee times will be posted on the organization website 48 hours prior to the event. You can confirm your event registration online at www.tarheelgolf.org. If your travel plans necessitate knowing your tee time earlier than 4 days before the tournament, email us at jeff@drip-golf.com. Sunday tee times will be available after completion of play on Saturday. Starting Times: Rule 6-3a of the USGA Rules of Golf provides: "the player shall start at the time laid down by the Committee." The penalty for breach of Rule 6-3a is disqualification. However, it is a condition of the competition that, if players arrive at their starting point, ready to play, within five minutes after their starting time, in the absence of circumstances which warrant waiving the penalty of disqualification as provided in Rule 33-7, the penalty for failure to start on time is two strokes at the first hole in stroke play or loss of hole in match play instead of disqualification.

Registration at the Event:
All players should check in at the TJGT registration table at least 45 minutes prior to his/her designated tee time on both Saturday and Sunday. The player (not your parent/ caddie) must register.

Inclement Weather Policy:
The intent of the TJGT is to play all competitions as scheduled. Any decisions regarding weather delays and/or cancellations will be made on-site the day of each event by the TJGT Tournament Staff in conjunction with the Golf Course Superintendent, the golf course Professionals and current weather forecasts. No make-ups are available. The TJGT is not responsible for the weather and will do everything possible to complete an event.  This includes reducing the number of holes of a stipulated round. As stated above, There are no refunds for weather related shortened tournaments.

Playoffs and Order of Finish:
Playoffs for medalist honors will be determined by sudden death playoff whenever possible.   If that is not possible the TJGT procedure will be to start matching cards starting on the 18th hole or last hole finished (if shortened due to weather, etc.) and working backwards to #1 adding three holes at a time. If due to a shotgun start and both players never played the same holes then the winner will be determined by the score relative to par going backwards three holes at a time. If the matching of scorecards does not produce a winner then the players involved will remain tied and both will receive the same award and points.

Tournament Awards:
Awards will be given to players in each division for first place, second and third place finishes. In the event of ties, award recipients will be determined according to TJGT playoff provisions.

No Cards, No Shows & Withdrawals:
Players that fail to show up for an event (No Show), those that fail to turn in a scorecard (No card), or those that withdraw after play has begun inconvenience other players and keep other players from participating in events. Players that fail to show up for a tournament without notifying TJGT Headquarters (NS), players that play in a tournament and fail to turn in a scorecard (NC, and players that withdraw without a valid medical excuse will have a score of 100 used to calculate their scoring averages for that event. The TJGT reserves the right to place offenders at the bottom of priority listings for future tournament entries. Extenuating circumstances and unique situations will be evaluated on an individual basis.

Discontinuance of Play:
In the event that weather conditions warrant the suspension of play Rule 6-8b applies. Rule 6-8b details the procedure for discontinuance of play. The penalty for a breach of Rule 6-8b is disqualification. However, it is a condition of the competition that, in potentially dangerous situations, play shall be discontinued immediately following a suspension of play by the Committee. If a player fails to discontinue play immediately, he shall be disqualified unless circumstances warrant waiving such penalty as provided in Rule 33-7. An immediate suspension of play will be signaled by a prolonged note of Tarheel Junior Golf Foundation the siren. You have the right to stop play if you think lightning threatens you, even though the Committee may not have specifically authorized it by signal.

The TJGT generally uses the following signals:

Discontinue Play Immediately: 1 prolonged note of siren. You must not play any more shots.

Discontinue Play: 3 consecutive notes of siren, repeated. You may finish the hole you are playing.

Resume Play: 2 short notes of siren, repeated. You must resume play.

Caddies and Spectator Carts:
 The 11 under division (Future Stars) are permitted the use of a caddie.  For all other divisions, caddies are not permitted.  Players are required to walk and carry their own clubs.  The use of a push cart is permitted if course allows. Spectator carts will be permitted if course allows. Please read the caddie rules under the Tournament Info Tab.

Equipment Conformity:
It is the players' responsibility to assure that his/her equipment conforms to USGA rules. The TJGT supports the USGA regarding its definition of conforming equipment. If you have any doubt as to your equipment's conformity, contact the USGA. 1-908-234-2300 www.usga.org (Equipment Section), USGA United States Golf Association

Distance Measuring Devices:
Range finders and distance measuring devices that are approved by the USGA for tournament play will be permitted during TJGT tournaments. Penalty for using a non conforming device is disqualification.

Players' Appearance & Behavior:
TJGT appearance and behavior is addressed in the Code of Conduct. It is every player's responsibility to be familiar with and abide by the established code of conduct. Penalty for breach can lead to suspension of playing privilege. This Code of Conduct is available online at www.tarheelgolf.org.

Rules Sheet:
Read the rules sheet prior to play. Please direct any questions to the committee.

  1. USGA rules will apply.
  2. Play the ball DOWN unless otherwise specified on a rules addendum.
  3. Embedded ball "relief through the green"
  4. The TJGT "Code of Conduct" policy will be enforced.
  5. Slow Play: A Player will be subject to penalty if he/she delays play or contributes to causing his/her group to delay (Rule 6-7 Delay).
  6. Questions: (Doubt as to Procedure, Rule 3-3) (a): Procedure: In stroke play only, when during play of a hole a competitor is doubtful of his rights or procedure, he may, without penalty, play a second ball. After the situation which caused the doubt has arisen, the competitor should, before taking further action, announce to his marker or a fellow competitor his decision to invoke this Rule and the ball with which he will score if the Rules permit. The competitor shall report the facts to the Committee before returning his scorecard even if he scores the same with both balls; if he fails to do so, he shall be disqualified. Note: A second ball played under Rule 3-3 is not a provisional ball under Rule 27-2.
  7. Stroke Limit: Age 11 and under on the Future Stars Tour maximum stroke limit, per hole, is 10. 
  8. Caddies are permitted for Future Stars (11 and under)
  9. Scorecard: Immediately after play, go to the scorecard signing table (the table and chairs are the scoring area, decisions rule 6-6 c/1), check your scorecard and make sure it is correct HOLE BY HOLE and that it is legible before signing it and leaving the scoring area. Have your MARKER sign it and then turn it in. Stay at the scorecard table until your score has been added. Go to the scoreboard and make sure it is posted.
  10. Drop Circles: Water hazards that must have a shot hit over them may have a drop circle on the other side. Use of a drop circle is not mandatory. They are merely an available option.
  11. Scorekeeping: Prior to teeing off, sign the scorecard you are keeping as MARKER. This may help eliminate any problems that may occur at the scoreboard.
  12. Spikes: Only soft spikes can be used at TJGT events.

Pace of Play:
The TJGT has a target time of 4.5 hours or less to complete tournament rounds. All players are expected to maintain pace with the players in front of them. When a group falls behind the group in from the entire field suffers from the slow play of that one group. Slow play can not be tolerated and when appropriate offenders will be penalized in accordance with USGA rules.

Rule 6-7: Undue Delay – Slow Play

1st Offense: warning
2nd Offense: 2 stroke penalty
Subsequent Offense: Disqualification

When a group is notified for that it is out of position, you will be timed. When a player reaches his ball, he will have 45 seconds from that time to play the shot. If the player fails to play within 45 seconds will be told he has a bad time and will receive a 2 stroke penalty. If the player remains out of position, the result will be disqualification. The disqualified player will be taken off the golf course and returned to the clubhouse.

Any questions feel free to ask/email Jeff@drip-golf.com