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8th Annual Wolfpack Junior Amateur, First Day
8 mos ago
8th Annual Wolfpack Junior Amateur The players were treated to absolutely perfect weather today for the first round action at Lonnie Poole Golf Course. After the past few months this was a much deserved...
9th Annual UNC Tarheel Junior Championships - Final Round
9 mos ago
Once again the players were met with brisk temperatures, clear blue skies and gusty winds as round two got underway at 8:00 am. The golf course again played to a par 71 as the 11th hole was shortened...
March 3, Day 1 9th. Annual UNC Tarheel Junior Championship
9 mos ago
It was an early start at one of our favorite golf courses, Finley Golf Club. As we have been accustomed to this winter, it was another cold day with very brisk winds. The cold, high winds and fast greens...
9th Annual CCNC Junior Masters - Round Two,
10 mos ago
As promised the morning opened with a clear blue sky and rising temperatures. By the time the first few groups were making the turn, many players were in shorts enjoying the pleasant weather, and excellent...
Upcoming Events
10th. Annual CCNC Junior Masters
February 16-17
Country Club of North Carolina - Dogwood
Pinehurst, NC
Play One of Pinehurst "Best of the Best" Top Courses! $5 Plus Million Dollar renovation in 2016, Pinehurst at Its Best! Host to numerous top Amateur and USGA events Including The Upcoming 2021 74th U.S. Junior Amateur. TYGA, NJGS, SCJGA
10th Annual UNC Tarheel Junior Championship
March 2-3
TYGA, SCJGA, JGS, CCNC Recognized. Play one of the top collegiate golf courses in America. UNC A.E.Finley
Latest Results
8th. Annual "Bullet & Peggy Bell" Holiday Classic
November 24-25
HS Junior/Senior (Boys)
Heath. J (E)
Osiecki. C (+1)
Jones. K (+1)
HS Fresh/Soph. (Boys)
Lendach. J (+1)
Dutton. C (+3)
Surratt. C (+3)
Middle School (Boys)
Marrion. T (-1)
Gross. N (+1)
Salema. C (+2)
Boys 11 and Under
Mawhinney. T (+2)
Summerlin. S (+2)
McQueen. B (+2)
UNC 10th Annual Tarheel State Junior Championship
November 10-11
HS Junior/Senior (Boys)
Newman. J (-3)
Bruns. J (+4)
Mathews. N (+8)
HS Fresh/Soph. (Boys)
Surratt. C (-1)
Moyer. T (+3)
Lendach. J (+7)
Middle School (Boys)
Gross. N (-2)
Schmidly. E (+6)
Fang. B (+7)
Boys 11 and Under
Thompson, Jr. S (+3)
Terry. S (+6)
Pohlman. W (+7)
8th Annual ACC Southeastern Fall Classic At NCSU
November 3-4
HS Junior/Senior (Boys)
Connor. N (E)
Mathews. N (+6)
Michael. L (+12)
HS Fresh/Soph. (Boys)
Joy. I (+1)
Surratt. C (+9)
Elkassem. K (+10)
Middle School (Boys)
Polin. Q (-6)
Roberts. H (-1)
Bogan. S (+4)
Boys 11 and Under
Howe. P (+2)
McBrien. D (+5)
Summerlin. S (+8)