Tarheel Junior Golf Tour

Posted 2/13/2021 11:40:47 AM
12th. Annual CCNC Junior Masters
Round 1 Pairings (2/27/2021)
Upcoming Events
12th. Annual CCNC Junior Masters
February 27-28
Country Club of North Carolina - Dogwood
Pinehurst, NC
Play One of Pinehurst "Best of the Best" Top Courses! $5 Plus Million Dollar renovation in 2016, Pinehurst at Its Best! Host to numerous top Amateur and USGA events Including The Upcoming 2021 74th U.S. Junior Amateur. TYGA, NJGS, SCJGA
RBC Longleaf Sandhills Junior Open
March 6-7
Longleaf Golf & Family Club
Southern Pines, NC
TYGA, SCJGA, JGS, CCNC Recognized. This is a Local Qualifier For The "Notah Begay III" National Junior Championship.
11th Annual ACC Junior Amateur
April 2-3
The UNC Finley Golf Club
Chapel Hill, NC
TYGA, SCJGA, JGS, CCNC Recognized. Play one of the Top rated collegiate golf courses in America, the UNC A.E Finley Golf Course. Hosted by Tarheel Golf Foundation
11th Annual Wolfpack Junior Amateur at NCSU
April 17-18
Lonnie Poole Golf Course
Raleigh, NC
Play NCSU Lonnie Poole One of the Best Collegiate Golf Courses in America During Prime Golf Season. The ACC Southeastern Fall Classic is a must play Junior Tournament. AJGA, NJGS, TYGA, CCNC recognized.
Latest Results
10th. Annual "Bullet & Peggy Bell" Holiday Classic
November 28-29
HS Junior/Senior (Boys)
Adkins. D (+2)
Lendach. J (+3)
Peters. B (+4)
HS Fresh/Soph. (Boys)
Hartman. W (+1)
Paschal. E (+3)
Webb. W (+4)
Middle School (Boys)
Summerlin. S (-5)
Freedman. C (-4)
Coleman. H (-3)
Boys 11 and Under
Shores. Z (-7)
Baucom. G (+12)
Koehn. C (+14)
8th Annual "Pinewild Fall Junior Classic"
November 7-8
HS Junior/Senior (Boys)
Surratt. C (-3)
Davidov. S (+6)
Rico. J (+7)
HS Fresh/Soph. (Boys)
Siriboury. B (+8)
Murphy. A (+9)
Horne. T (+10)
Middle School (Boys)
McQueen. B (-6)
Bertagnole. C (-2)
Terry. S (+1)
Boys 11 and Under
Shores. Z (E)
Baucom. G (+5)
Moody. W (+6)
5th Annual Western Carolina's Junior Classic
October 17-18
HS Junior/Senior (Boys)
Spradling. D (+2)
Conway. W (+2)
Jacobson. M (+3)
HS Fresh/Soph. (Boys)
Haas. K (E)
Pearce. O (+5)
Beans. C (+5)
Middle School (Boys)
Looney. C (+4)
Albert. J (+5)
Harrison. T (+7)
Boys 11 and Under
Baucom. G (+4)
Donnelly. T (+9)
Rampersaud. M (+13)
Current Rankings
Tarheel Junior Golf Tour
2020-2021 Season
As of 11/29/2020 9:24:50 PM
HS Junior/Senior (Boys)
1 - Spradling. D
2 - Surratt. C
3 - Conway. W
4 - Davidov. S
5 - Goode. D
HS Fresh/Soph. (Boys)
1 - Hartman. W
2 - Pearce. O
3 - Haas. K
4 - Butcher. J
5 - Pace. H
Middle School (Boys)
1 - Summerlin. S
2 - Freedman. C
3 - Bertagnole. C
4 - Albert. J
5 - Duensing. T
Boys 11 and Under
1 - Baucom. G
2 - Shores. Z
3 - Rampersaud. M
4 - Williams. G
5 - Wotnosky. D

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