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Posted 2/18/2018 9:37:58 AM
9th. Annual CCNC Junior Masters
Round 2 Scoring
Posted 2/17/2018 4:20:25 PM
9th. Annual CCNC Junior Masters
Round 2 Pairings (2/18/2018)

**2018 AJGA PBE New Policy**

In 2018, the AJGA will only recognize independent tournaments for AJGA PBE status after the tournament has been properly summited to the AJGA, and after the AJGA determines that the tournament meets the AJGA requirements for AJGA PBE status. Due to the new policy we may no longer show the AJGA logo on our tournament banners, we do expect the same support for 2018, and like 2017 most all TGF tournaments met AJGA requirements.


 Tarheel Junior Golf Tour... North Carolina’s Premier Junior Golf Tour!

Don't forget to bring your "A" Game. 

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9th CCNC Junior Masters - Round One
19 hrs ago
It is February and therefor our annual visit to the beautifully manicured and equally challenging Dogwood course at CCNC. We are so thankful to the Clubs membership for providing us the opportunity to...
Day One at the 7th Annual Bullet & Peggy Bell Holiday Classic,
3 mos ago
7th Annual Bullet Peggy Bell Holiday Classic After a short frost delay and cool weather, the temperatures slowly rose, much to the pleasure of the players and spectators. Fortunately the scores stayed...
9th Annual UNC Tarheel State Championship,
3 mos ago
9th Annual UNC Tarheel State Junior Championship Once again Finley Golf Course hosted our annual tournament, and this time the players had to endure cool temperatures, as we weathered our first frost...
TGF Western Carolina's Junior Championship,
4 mos ago
Inaugural Western Carolina's Junior Open The Tarheel Golf Foundation (TGF) was thrilled to host our first event in Central North Carolina, at the Country Club of Salisbury. Many in the field had played...
Upcoming Events
9th Annual UNC Tarheel Junior Championship
March 3-4
The UNC Finley Golf Club
Chapel Hill, NC
TYGA, SCJGA, JGS, CCNC Recognized. Play one of the top collegiate golf courses in America. UNC Finley
8th Annual ACC Junior Amateur
March 30-31
The UNC Finley Golf Club
Chapel Hill, NC
TYGA, SCJGA, JGS, CCNC Recognized. Play one of the Top rated collegiate golf courses in America. UNC Finley home to the UNC Tarheel men's $ women"s golf team.
8th. Annual Grandover Junior Amateur at Grandover Resort
April 7-8
Grandover Resort
Greensboro, NC
Home of the Bridgestone Golf Collegiate Championship. TYGA, JGS, SCJA, CCNC Regonized.
8th. Annual Wolfpack junior Amateur
April 28-29
Lonnie Poole Golf Course
Raleigh, NC
NCSU Lonnie Poole hosted Three Collegiate Tournaments in 2014 including the 2014 NCAA Men's Regional Championship. Lonnie Poole continues to host many collegiate events each year.
Latest Results
9th. Annual CCNC Junior Masters
February 17-18
HS Junior/Senior (Boys)
Hackworth. L (-5)
Beam. A (+2)
Crow. B (+5)
HS Fresh/Soph. (Boys)
Lee. E (E)
Blair. M (+2)
Good. C (E)
Middle School (Boys)
Turtz. S (+6)
Davidov. S (+7)
Oliver IV. D (+9)
Boys 11 and Under
Aliah. J (+17)
Schulze. H (+18)
Jordan. W (+21)
7th. Annual "Bullet & Peggy Bell" Holiday Classic
November 25-26
HS Junior/Senior (Boys)
Jackson. P (+8)
Bruns. J (+9)
Sperrazza. C (+11)
HS Fresh/Soph. (Boys)
Lendach. J (+2)
Bacha. C (+5)
Gilliam. F (+5)
Middle School (Boys)
Surratt. C (+1)
Daly. C (+3)
Gupta. A (+6)
Boys 11 and Under
Phillips. C (-3)
Marrion. T (+8)
McBrien. D (+13)
UNC 9th Annual Tarheel State Junior Championship
November 11-12
HS Junior/Senior (Boys)
Poole. K (E)
Hooks. B (+3)
Lafferty. A (+5)
HS Fresh/Soph. (Boys)
Lucas. P (+2)
Lendach. J (+3)
Song. N (+5)
Middle School (Boys)
Tang. K (-2)
Bode. J (+1)
Daly. C (+3)
Boys 11 and Under
Aliah. J (+14)
McBrien. D (+17)
Jordan. W (+26)
Current Tour Standings
Tarheel Junior Golf Tour
2017-2018 Season
As of 11/28/2017 6:18:52 PM
HS Junior/Senior (Boys)
1 - Poole. K
T2 - Lafferty. A
T2 - Sperrazza. C
4 - Jackson. P
5 - Lewis. W
HS Fresh/Soph. (Boys)
1 - Lendach. J
2 - Gilliam. F
3 - Patrick. L
4 - Lukes. E
5 - Tucker. M
Middle School (Boys)
1 - Surratt. C
2 - Daly. C
3 - Bode. J
4 - Aliff. S
5 - Ha. C
Boys 11 and Under
1 - Schulze. H
2 - Aliah. J
3 - McBrien. D
4 - Phillips. C
5 - Bogan. S